Esther Ling

Norwich, United Kingdom

People Photographer

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Internationally renowned photographer Esther Ling specialises in portraits and takes on wedding commissions all over the UK as well as around the world. Born in South Korea, she was adopted by an English family at the age of two and now lives in Norfolk with her three children. Esther’s work has been described as intuitive and spontaneous, and she says her main passions in photography are social and documentary, food and travel – all “culminating in unique moments to be observed and documented”. She says of her preferred camera, Panasonic’s mirrorless LUMIX G7: “The lightweight body saves my neck and back, but don’t be fooled – the technology inside really packs a punch!” It’s the G7’s silent shooting capabilities, she explains, that especially suits her relaxed shooting style, making it perfect for social and documentary jobs.

"The G7’s in-built Wi-Fi system means I can send high-quality images direct to my phone and get them up on social media in minutes. This beauty stays in my bag wherever I go; what's not to love?!"

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