Ferdinand Wolf

Mainz, Germany

Commercial Photographer

My Equipment

About Me

Although he studied IT and Economics, Ferdinand Wolf soon decided that what he’s best at is using state-of-the art software and technology to create visual images. So, leaving the IT industry, he spent 10 years working as a professional freelance photographer before founding his own company, Skynamic, specialising in aerial cinematography with camera drones.

Ferdinand’s hobby flying remote-controlled helicopters in his youth was a cornerstone for his company’s success – as has been the Panasonic product range. Now one of the world’s leading companies for dynamic close-range aerial filming, Skynamic is able to create stunning aerial images of professional-grade quality because LUMIX cameras such as the GH3 and GH4 are so small and lightweight – attributes that are key for aerial cinematography. Ferdinand says he often travels to special and remote places all over the world, where also uses different Panasonic cameras and lenses to take behind-the-scenes stills detailing his work.

"Panasonic LUMIX products enable me to take professional-grade equipment with me wherever I go, thanks to their great form factor and small footprint."

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