Gagan Sadana

Gravesend, United Kingdom

People Photographer

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About Me

Street Photographer Gagan Sadana is passionate about capturing candid moments of life as seen all around us in towns and cities. His work has been exhibited in the Royal Photographic Society’s Biennial Exhibition, as well being published in the photo book, World Street Photography. “For me, street photography is like a mirror,” he says. “It reflects the mundane life as a meaningful picture.” And how better to capture that real-life imagery than by relying on a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use camera system such as Panasonic’s professional-standard series? “LUMIX cameras have enabled me to get even closer to my subjects,” Gagan concurs, “to capture the most candid and unadulterated scenes of life.”

"The LUMIX GX7 is my favourite camera. It is very compact and quiet, and produces stunning images. With the 20mm pancake lens, it is one of the best cameras for street photographers."

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