Jacob James

Leeds, United Kingdom

People Photographer

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About Me

Travel and cultural documentary photographer Jacob James has a passion for immersing himself in new cultures and experiences. His work, he explains, revolves around capturing the human side of life for people right across the globe: “Whether that’s the nuances in different cultures that make us all unique, or the simple, instinctual emotions that deep down we all have in common.” Aiding Jacob in his work – though which he aims to inspire people “to see the world as a much smaller and more exciting place” – is Panasonic’s LUMIX camera range. “I’ve been amazed at the flexibility and enjoyment I’ve rediscovered in using these smaller cameras,” he says.

"Since moving to using the LUMIX Micro Four Thirds system, I’m no longer worrying about how much gear I can carry. I just have one thing on my mind – capturing my next image!"

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