Marco Crupi

Messina, Italy

Documentary Photographer

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A professional photographer and writer, Marco Crupi lives and works where he was born, in Messina on Sicily. His blog, which he has written since 2008, is a must-read for many photographers and one of Italy’s most popular; his collaborations with many top brands and companies have earned him worldwide acclaim; and the photography manual he wrote, Eye, Mind and Heart, has been a bestseller since 2012.

Marco’s work regularly appears online and in print, in many national and international magazines and journals. Though his main interest is reportage and street photography, he also shoots sport, landscapes and studio work, and says he was surprised at first how the high image quality of his Panasonic camera of choice allows him to work with “non-destructive operations” in Photoshop.

Shooting with TZ100 in Greece

"The LUMIX GX8 has a robust, light body that reminds me of classic rangefinder cameras. It’s ideal for reportage and street shoots, thanks to its small size. And because of its high image quality, I can leave home without my reflex – which I do not miss."

LUMIX On the Road

LUMIX On the Road

Take part to the “LUMIX on the road”, the workshop held by Marco Crupi about the reportage photography. 13 dates…

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