Maria Vanonen

Helsingfors, Finland

Nature Photographer

My Equipment

About Me

Maria Vanonen is the co-founder and designer of a beanie brand called VAI-KØ and an industrial design student from Helsinki, Finland. Vanonen’s interest for photography started around 2014 and that’s also when she rebranded her Instagram account and started gaining more followers. When she was featured on the official Instagram account her fanbase really started to grow and is currently at +35 000 and still growing.

For Vanonen photography is first and foremost a way of relaxing and her favorite past time activity. Her Instagram is all about making a photo journal of her daily life with her dog Yoda; to capture the places they go to and the people they meet. When she photographs Yoda she aims to catch her expressions that also often reflects her own current mood. As those expressions go by fast Vanonen find the 4K really useful as it allows her to catch the exact frame she wants.

"I have never cared about heavy equipment yet I’m strict about getting high quality photos. Lumix GX8 delivers amazing photos and is just about perfect size. It’s small enough to carry anywhere I go yet big enough to provide amazing grip."

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