Olivier Lavielle

Paris, France

Documentary Photographer

My Equipment

About Me

I’m an art-photographer from France; you’ll find my work in 25 countries by now, thanks to almost 89 galleries. I’m also a photojournalist, a movie director and a director of photography.
I used to be a huge fan of mechanics, so part of my work is turned to vintage cars and planes but I am also a globetrotter, fan of wildlife, nature and portrait. As a photographer I think that my job is to capture something where I have the chance to be, and bring it to those who don’t. As an artist, I try my best to create photography around my own vision of the world, just to share it and, maybe, to touch people emotionally. I don’t just take pictures, I live an adventure. As a photojournalist, I hope to be a witness of my time and bring to the people a part of reality they can analyse by themselves to be aware and make their own mind.
I’m also a teacher in photography because sharing something links people together, and because art is one of the last spaces of freedom. I truly hope that my work will inspire you to create and share!

"Panasonic saved my back! I can have the same range of tools for three times less weight! I can go shooting, in not so safe places being more discreet. I can move easily and shoot high quality pictures. I even found new sources of inspirations!"

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