Tabita Cargnel

Darmstadt, Germany

People Photographer

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About Me

My name is Tabita Cargnel. I’m 23, come from Cologne and study architecture in Darmstadt.
I’ve always been very interested in the arts. I love painting, drawing and classical music. A few years ago, I was even preparing to study music. In the end, I opted for architecture and have been studying it for three years now.
I took up photography at roughly the same time. During my work placement at Krolop&Gerst, I learned a range of things including how to edit images as well as other important skills such as organization.
I specialize in photographing people and I’d say that natural and expressive portraits are my strong point. I love beauty and fashion photography too and I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to work with a number of new fashion shops.
When taking photographs, I work almost exclusively with natural light and process my pictures in Lightroom and Photoshop. The photos mainly depict models but sometimes people with no experience of the model business too. What’s important is that these people inspire me.

"I enjoy taking photographs with my Lumix camera and the various lenses as they offer many new photographic opportunities. "Because I mainly photograph portraits, it's good if the model can see the photos with a contrasting or colour look straight away. As a result, it's easier to convey an idea or a specific atmosphere. "During workshops, newcomers to photography in particular find that the camera is easy to use and makes working easier."

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