In the camera bag of… Jonas Borg!

In our special “In the camera bag of…” Panasonic LUMIX Ambassadors tell about their camera bag and what items they bring to a shoot. They also share their memories of their best or worst photo trip en are very blunt about their mistakes. This time wildlife photographer Jon Bryant shows us what’s in his bag.

What type of camera bag do you use and why?

“I have two backpacks depending on how much gear I need for any given job. I use backpacks because it’s the best for my back and they are easy to travel with.”

What do you take with you on a shoot?

“I always carry at least two cameras with lenses and an iPad-mini for quick editing. Besides that I have following ‘stuff’ in my bag: a small flashlight, cleaning cloth, headache pills, two bandaids, pen, notepad a very small ultra strong ‘clamp mount’ and extra memory cards.”

Is that one of the advantages of a compact camera, that you can travel light(er)?

“Yes, I think mobility (less weight) is crucial for creativity. The lighter the gear the easier it is to be flexible and creative. I try to bring as little as possible.”

Did you ever forgot your bag, camera or another thing you really needed on a shoot?

“I forgot to charge my batteries before a wedding. I discovered this when arriving at the location far into the wood in the Swedish countryside. Luckily I had 1 (!) spare battery in my bag that saved me.”

Can you think of a moment everything went wrong or the opposite: everything came together during a photo trip?

“I really enjoy going to unknown locations and they turn out to be really great. Of course sometimes I go to a location and it turns out to be really bad. But, with some research I can even out the odds and make a fairly educated guess about if a location is going to be great or not.”

Do you have tips/pointers for our readers for items they shouldn’t forget on a shoot/ photo trip? And more in general, any advice for our readers?

“Travel light and wear good shoes! The lighter and smaller gear you have, the easier it is to bring it with you. It gives you creative freedom.”

Jonas Borgs baby in his camera bag

The Singapore skyline

Jonas's Hints & Tips

Travel as light as possible! A photo shooting can take many hours and often includes a lot of walking and use of physical strength. A light camera equipment can be very useful for those days!

Take all the inspiration you need! A light and small gear gives you all the freedom to experience the location and get the best out of it. Good luck!