In the camera bag of… Marco Crupi!

In our special “In the camera bag of…” Panasonic LUMIX Ambassadors tell about their camera bag and what items they bring to a shoot. They also share their memories of their best or worst photo trip en are very blunt about their mistakes. This time wildlife photographer Jon Bryant shows us what’s in his bag.

What type of camera bag do you use and why?

“I have a medium size camera backpack. I chose this variant because I specialize in reportage and landscape photography, photographic genres that require long walks. That’s why I shouldn’t carry to much equipment and need a durable camera backpack.”

What do you take with you on a shoot?

“I carry with me objectives of different focal lengths, which I use depending on the situation. My favourite lens is Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 and f1.2 Leica Nocticron 42,5mm. For landscape photography I often use filters such as: ND1000 and Polarizer. Other items that I carry with me are: cleaning kit lenses, memory cards, power bank, tripods and Smartphone’s.”

Is that one of the advantages of a compact camera, that you can travel light(er)?

“For me it is very important to travel light. The LUMIX cameras are light but the picture quality is the same as with a DSRL.”

Did you ever forgot your bag, camera or another thing you really needed on a shoot?

“One time I went to take pictures of landscapes in a place far from home. I forgot the plate that combines the camera to the tripod head. I solved it by placing the camera in precarious balance on the tripod head. Luckily I could use my Smartphone as a remote controller for my LUMIX.”

Can you think of a moment everything went wrong or the opposite: everything came together during a photo trip?

“From my personal experience I can tell that the best opportunities to take fantastic photos happen when you don’t have the camera with you, so when I go out I always carry my LUMIX with me!”

Do you have tips/pointers for our readers ?

“The only useful tip that I can give readers is to study photography, it’s history and the great photographers of the past and present. That’s the only way to improve as a photographer and as a person.”


A religious procession.

Marco's Hints & Tips

Photography is a complex topic with a long past and a bright future. If you are interested in professional photography it is really useful to study its history.

Take your camera with you wherever you go! Sometimes the most unexpected opportunities happen and you will regret it if you haven’t had the chance to capture a great image.