Storytime: Me and my Lumix GX80 in Berlin

Everyone who is thinking of Berlin imagines an enormous, busy and multi-culture city in the eastern Germany. The capital city is not only famous because of its outstanding history and politics moreover its differentiated habitants, architecture and atmosphere is worth a visit. The perfect place to take some great pictures with my new camera. So I traveled to Berlin and would like to tell you my story about my visit with the Lumix GX80.  

Hello! My name is Jonas Borg, I am from Sweden and I am working as a freelancer photographer all over the world for many years now. My last stop was Berlin, a city which is definitely worth a visit. In my travel bag I carried a special companion for those days, the Lumix GX80.

I was super excited when the package I was waiting for finally arrived.

Carefully I carried it in my living room. When I unpacked the camera and glanced a first look at the GX80 I was happily surprised over its small size. It is only 122mm long, 70.6mm high and 43.9mm wide. The size is perfect to put the camera easily in my jacket pocket, in a small bag or carry it over my shoulders when you are out and about to shoot. The small and handy size is a big advantage. After working almost 15 years in the photography business I figured out that a big camera often scares people. Furthermore its heavy weight and enormous size usually makes it really uncomfortable to take a big camera on trips or long photo shooting days.  That is why I prefer lighter gear. With its changeable lenses the GX80 is the perfect “street” and travel camera.


One of the best features of the camera is that it has three 4k photo-modes. Now it is possible to catch even tricky high-speed moments. The 4K PHOTO mode is a big step in the photography world. Now I can capture 30 pictures in one second and select the best picture afterwards.  But that is not even the most amazing part of the camera. The GX80 doesn’t only have one 4K PHOTO mode, it has three 4K PHOTO modes.  You can easily switch between the “4K Burst”, the “Start-and-Stop” and the 4K “Pre-Burst” with a simple button.

Thanks to that feature I was able to shoot that amazing moment:


Catching a Skateboarder on the highest point of his jump is not that easy as it sounds. I am really happy to shoot high speed moments and getting those amazing results out of it.

Bright colors on a cold day in Berlin.

I already said that I prefer travelling as light as possible. That is why I often even leave my laptop at home but that is not a problem anymore. Thanks to the WIFI-function I am able to send the pictures to my phone or iPad and simply upload them on my Social Media Accounts. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook or Instagram profile to always be up to date and see my latest work.

After talking about the advantages of the WIFI-function I would like to present you the “Post Focus”-feature. Just have a quick look at those two pictures:





You can see the exact same pictures with two different focus-points. With the “Post Focus” I can take pictures and choose the focus point later. That allows me not to spend so much time figuring out what is the right focus-mode for my theme. Sometimes it is really hard to capture all details in one shot especially when you have to work in the macro-mode. Now I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

As a photographer it is important for me to be creative, flexible and perfectionist at the same time. Thanks to the LUMIX GX80 I can finally work that way. That is why my trip to Berlin was an amazing and great experience. The camera has everything I need. From the 4K PHOTO mode, to the WIFI-function, its 16.00 megapixels, changeable lenses and the Post-Focus feature.  However, the best thing is its handy and comfortable size. It is the perfect camera to take on my many trips and travels. I am looking forward working with the GX80 in the future.