What is in your bag Ferdinand Wolf?

The German Photographer and LUMIX Ambassador Ferdinand Wolf opens his camera bag for us and tells us about his most amazing and worst photo trips. A glance behind the scenes. What camera items do you bring to shoots and what tips and suggestions do you have for beginners?

Ferdinand Wolf showing us his camera bag and talking about his life as a photographer.  


  1. What type of camera bag do you use and why?

“I normally use a relatively small LUMIX camera bag. I love it, because it is small and unobtrusive and yet all the items I need when travelling fit in.”

  1. What do you take with you on a shoot?

“When I am travelling with light photo equipment I usually have my Lumix GX-8 with a telephoto lens (like the 35-100mm) and a super wide angle lens with me (7-14mm). To fill the gap and to have a second camera, I use the LX100. I also always have some spare batteries, SD cards and a cleaning rag with me.”

  1. What is the advantage of travelling with a compact camera?

“With the regular DSLR Equipment I would need a rather big and heavy backpack to fit in two bodies and the comparable lenses with me. For me the small equipment in combination with the good image quality is the key factor for choosing Panasonic.”

  1. Did you ever forgot your bag, camera or another thing you really needed on a shoot?

“When I was travelling through Cuba I left my camera bag in and old taxi. Luckily I realised it quickly, so I was able to catch up with it on foot.”

  1. Can you think of a moment everything went wrong or the opposite: everything came together during a photo trip?

“Once I forgot to put the batteries in the camera and left for a job..

Recently I‘ve travelled through Namibia with the GX-8 and the new Leica 100-400mm lens. It was fantastic to be able to take close ups of the animals with such a relatively small camera/lens combination while looking at the other photographers who had to carry very heavy gear with them to get the same results.”

  1. Do you have tips/pointers for our readers for items they shouldn’t forget on a shoot/ photo trip? And more in general, any advice for our readers?

“Always bring a spare battery and SD card with you. Don’t forget to empty your SD Card before every photo trip and remember to set the camera clock to the correct/local time so you can later sync the pictures of several cameras in the right order in tools like Lightroom.”


You want to see more pictures and read more about Ferdinand? Click through his album and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or http://www.skynamic.net/.


Ferdinand Wolfs camera bag and equipment.



Ferdinand Wolf using his equipment in Action!

The nothern lights taken by Ferdinand Wolf.

Ferdinand's Hints & Tips

Always bring a spare battery and SD card with you! Check if the SD card is empty, the battery is full and the clock of your camera is set on the right/local time.

Also: Never ever forget your camera bag! The value of your bag with all your camera equipment in it is really high. Always have an eye on it and don’t forget it anywhere.

My best tip for you is to travel as light as possible. A light and compact camera gear saves space and a lot of energy. You have to carry your equipment everywhere for a whole day. Believe me, even a light bag feels heavy after some hours.