Tabita Cargnel

Darmstadt, Germany

People Photographer

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Tabita Cargnel comes from Cologne, Germany. She has always been very active in the arts. Painting, architecture and classical music are big components in her life. She took up photography at roughly the same time. Her trademark is a very natural and expressive style of portraits. The pictured people appear remarkably perfect. Also in beauty and fashion photography, working with a number of new fashion shops, Tabita Cargnel depicts clear, but dynamic shots. When taking photographs, Tabita Cargnel works almost exclusively with natural light granting her the ability to use lenses that allow particularly large maximum apertures. The photos mainly depict models, but sometimes people with no experience of the model business or even friends, too. What’s most important is that these people inspire her.

"I enjoy taking photographs with my Lumix camera and the various lenses as they offer many new photographic opportunities. "Because I mainly photograph portraits, it's good if the model can see the photos with a contrasting or colour look straight away. As a result, it's easier to convey an idea or a specific atmosphere. "During workshops, newcomers to photography in particular find that the camera is easy to use and makes working easier."

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